Have you been blessed by our ministry and do you have a testimony? We’d love to hear it!

From experience, we know that writing a testimony is always somewhat of a task to undertake, but isn't this the least that can be done? And yes, we as ministry are greatly helped by it, it shows what God is doing within the ministry and in people's lives. It gives hope to others and it does justice to the honor that God deserves!

Here you can read some testimonies from people we have worked with. These stories have either been checked or written by the people themselves. We treat these testimonies with great care and respect, and since they often reveal personal and sensitive issues we cannot publicly share everyone of them.

Please email your testimony to: info@closelybyhissideministries.nl in audio- video- or text format.

Woman - Age 35

I had suppressed my emotions for so long that I could no longer feel love or joy.

Over the past year, I have come to realize that the devil had stolen a lot from me—physically, emotionally, spiritually, and in my relationship with God, my husband, and my children. Recognizing this, I, along with God, Gideon, and Jennifer, began reclaiming lost ground. This has transformed my life.

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Woman - Age 45

It's unbelievable: I'm free! Free from darkness, free from thoughts of death, and free from depression.

The morning after felt so strange and empty. There were no more thoughts of death and no more feelings "I don't want to live anymore".

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Woman - Age 25

There remained a recurring pattern of relapses, depressive feelings and thoughts in my life.

The identity and stamps that the world had given me and all the lies attached to them, which I suffered from every day for more than 10 years are gone. What a deliverance!!

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Woman - Age 33

Pulled out of darkness

If I had to put my story into one sentence, it would be Colossians 1:13; “He pulled me out of darkness and placed me into the Kingdom of the Son of His love.”

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Woman - Age 32

Set free from darkness and oppression.

For about one year, I would notice a strong oppression of darkness, every time I praised the Lord with music. I could feel this physically.

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Woman – Age 46

I was so tired of fighting everything, I had no more energy to live.

Grateful to be a mom to my family and a wife to my husband again.

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Man - Age 33

Healed from 17 years of backpain

Completely healed after 17 years of back pain. We did not know about a God who heals, but this touch changed our lives forever.

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