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We aim to be a ministry that can help you move forward by equipping you with the tools you need to experience freedom in your physical and spiritual life. We want you to be set free from your past and set your gaze towards the future. This is a process that doesn’t just happen on its own; it hurts and it requires a lot of strength.

I’m worthless
I should be dead
I’m smiling on the outside but crying on the inside
I will never be able
Every day is a struggle
God doesn’t want anything to do with me
I can’t trust anybody
How am I ever going to be okay

For anyone who believes that we are called to take action towards experiencing true freedom, young, old, believer or not. Are you:

Disappointed in people

Angry with God

Numb to your emotions

Overshadowed by depression

Retreating because of rejection

Dominated by fear

Flooded by negative thoughts

Exhausted because of nightmares

Shattered by infidelity

Broken because of divorce

Overcome with sadness

Torn by grief

Frozen because of rape

Caught because of incest

Shunned by family

Spat on by the world

Abused by authority figures

Manipulated by the church

Tortured with pain

Depleted by sickness

Powerless with shame

Despairing because of guilt

Stuck in addictions

Longing to die

Misled by the occult

Lost in witchcraft

Overcome with hanger

Ruled by sin

Let go of all your negative experiences with people, churches, social workers, institutions, God and whatever else. Be surprised by the tangible, restorative power, love and peace of God. We know from experience that when you give God a chance to show you who He is and what He will do for you, we all will be in awe of the massive restoration He will bring about in your life.

What we offer:

Throughout the year, we organize meetings which we focus on physical healing, deliverance and inner healing, but also on how to make your faith practical. We talk about things like hearing God’s voice, moving in the gifts of the Spirit, receiving revelation from the Bible and the power of the Kingdom. We will help you discover more about redemption, prophecy, praise and worship, anointing, intimacy, identity and authority.

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As a full-time ministry, we offer you during working hours the opportunity for a personal meeting. Evenings are negotiable. We feel called to work with traumatized people. We want to help set them healed from their past so that heling and restoration can flow in their lives. We offer you a safe, peaceful place to work on your relationship with us and with the Lord.

When someone reaches out with a request for help, we stand by them completely free of charge, ensuring that even those unable to afford it have an equal opportunity to receive further assistance. We believe that the change you experience will have a significant impact on your own life and that of others.

Restoration is a key, with each person attaching a different value to it, but being set free by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is priceless and deserves all honor. Therefore, we also confidently dare to ask because we believe that a worker in God's Kingdom is worthy of their wages. The choice to help people free of charge and thus sustain ourselves through donations continually brings us back to the following question: What is freedom worth to you?

We believe that God provides in the plan He has given us. We also believe that you can honor God and express gratitude to us with your finances for what He has done in your life."

Though we may have 10.000 reasons to be grateful, there can also be 10.000 reasons for cancelling a previously made appointment. Although we do not charge any fees for our counselling sessions, we do ask a 25,- euro cancellation fee for appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before, since the time we spent on these meetings is valuable.

The Kingdom of Heaven has drawn near.

As a ministry we feel called to work with those who feel defeated. We want to operate respectfully, and at the same time do what Jesus called us to do. We believe that in our day, God is able to:

Heal the sick

Cleanse infectious diseased

Raise the dead

Cast out demons

Matthew 10:8

These are controversial topics that raise many questions. It requires a lot of faith and boldness to step out in things. Yet we feel the necessity to bring these subjects to the table and open them up for discussion. We believe that every person should live out all their days on the earth, that all your heart’s desires should be fulfilled and that your plans should succeed, that you should find bliss in this life and receive the power to walk in your destiny.

Because we see both light and darkness move powerfully in this world, we believe that:
Sickness doesn’t have the right to steal your health.

Infectious diseased and illnesses must flee instead of making you bend the knee.

Premature death is still a doorway into glory.

Darkness will be powerless because of the light that you posses.

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